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The Chocolate Croquant

Croquants au chocolatUnlike its almond brother, it is its rarity that gives it its originality. The mix of a crunchy texture, chocolate chips and ground almonds can surely delight even the greediest amongst us.


Wheat flour (gluten), blend of fats (vegetable oil and fat as is and hydrogenated, butter 25 %, water, sugar, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, salt, acidity regulator: E330, lactic acid, flavouring, preservative: E202, antioxidant: natural tocopherol-rich extracts, colouring agent: betacarotene), sugar, eggs, chocolate chips (5.2%), vanilla flavouring,almond powder, baking powder(disodium disphosphate, acid sodium carbonate, corn starch). Contains milk and soya barquette-Croquant-chocolat

The Tale

I must admit, “I’m a little greedy one”, as would grandma say with a knowing smile…and, of course, I love chocolate. I think that’s why grandma put dark and strong chocolate chips in the recipe instead of the almonds one day…
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A gourmet coffee, nothing better to deal with the cold winter days. So many ways to enjoy a croquant…with a glass of milk or a hot chocolate…

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