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The Birth of Mél


One, two, three little biscuits…

Les Biscuits de Mél

When the C.M.J’s team decided to create its range of biscuits, based on original Mediterranean’s recipes, every one’s wish was to offer a real homemade taste to the products.

This is how Mél was born, our new ambassador of your childhood biscuits.

Remember the sweet taste of the smooth dough browning slowly in the oven making your mouth water. Remember the lovely smells filling the kitchen when the biscuits came out of the oven!! Remember the temptation…it was so hard to resist!

But patience… we have to wait for the dough to cool down, for the biscuits to gain in crunchiness…

After a few hours of preparation, cooking and cooling, the biscuits are ready to be enjoyed.
Mél, it’s all that and more.

All throughout this website, Mél will share with you little stories and tales that her grandmother used to tell her, next to the old range in the kitchen of the farmhouse. Come and discover the specialities of the South of France, the traditions, the landscapes…a journey in time between sea and mountains in the Languedoc-Roussillon. Come back and visit us regularly to discover our recipes and recommendations or subscribe to Mél’s newsletter and don’t miss a crumb!




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