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The Tale of the Citronnier

CitronnierOrchards of apricot and peach trees, fields of olive trees, village streets lined with fig trees, scrubland dressed in the white flowers of the almond trees…no, you won’t find large plantations of lemon (citrons)trees in the Languedoc-Roussillon!…but many people have them in their garden or even on their balcony. It is said that the well-known lyric writer, Georges Brassens, wanted to take his lemon tree with him to Paris using a phone box as a green house! It’s in the South of France that we see the first trees…but its further south, towards Spain and the Maghreb that they really abound. Therefore, if you visit us, do try crystallised lemons, flavoured marzipan, Rousquilles and the famous Oreillettes. But most of all, for an intense sensation, try a few of my Citronniers:  a unique texture where creamy and crunchy meet. A magical achievement that will delight your taste buds!

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