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To each region a speciality at Carnival time!

You may have heard of the Merveilles, the Bugnes, the Bottereaux or the Tourtisseaux, should you have been visiting Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes or the Vendée…

In the south of France it’s the Oreillette!

It is hard to imagine a doughnut when you see this little golden crispy triangle.

But nevertheless, it’s of the same principle. Tradition has it, that the pastry is stretched very thinly, placed in very hot oil and drained to become light and crispy. Then, to suit each taste, a sprinkle of caster or icing sugar is added.

These small treats are traditionally given as a reward at the end of Lent and are one of the 13 desserts of Christmas.

C.M.J has developed a perfectly balanced recipe, with a finely tuned cooking time to offer you a product pleasing to the eye, neither to greasy, nor too cooked: our Oreillettes are simply divine!


For the greedy or the gourmet in you, the Oreillette remains a real little treat to be consumed all year round.


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